Monday, October 21, 2013

THE ART OF WALL-E (2008, Tim Hauser)

 Tim Hauser. The Art of Wall-e, San Francisco, Chronicle Books, 2008.

32 MB / GonVisor File / 160 pages / 0811862356 / 978-0811862356

A nice film made by the famous Studio Pixar. The first half is touching, beautiful and poetic... and then the movie went to hell. It's like puting voices, dialogue and a narrator to a Chaplin movie. You don't do that!
This one should have been silent, a pure pantomime animation, and a master piece. Sadly is only a nice movie.

A short foreword by Andrew Stanton (Director). You really can't get much from it, besides how they faced a big problem to make the robot communicate just through its movements and R2D2 kind of sounds.
Usually in art-books, you only get images. But luckily in this book these are accompanied by words and quotes from the creators, explaining what were their intentions.
You get the thoughts from: Jim Morris, Ralph Eggleston (Producers); Alan Barillaro (Animator); Anthony Cristov (Art); Jeremy Lasky (Cinematography); Noah Klocek (Sketch) and many others, with, of course, two main protagonist: Stanton and John Lasseter. (by pelida77)

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