Tuesday, November 15, 2016

THE ART OF FROZEN (2013, Charles Solomon)

Charles Solomon. The Art of Frozen. San Francisco, Chronicle Books, 2013.

/ JPEG / English / 150 pages / 1452117160 / 978-1452117164

Preface by John Lasseter. With a Foreword by Chris Buck (Director) and Jennifer Lee (Director, Screenplay)

The film originates in 2008 when Chris Buck talked John Lasseter about his interest in making a feature on Andersen's The Snow Queen (1844). But really this project has been a favorite for Disney's Studio since 1938!!! The new management faced the same problem the old studio had back in the day: a very difficult story to adapt because of its episodic nature. The solution they found was to make an entirely new story loosely based on the tale. They've replaced the classic princess/romance format with a story about siblings: two antagonist sisters.

Many artists talking about the process of Storyboarding (Drawings pinned to large sheets of cork board in a sequence that explains an action or scene). The script; the artist first pass, the struggle to put words into images, and then images into words when you're explaining your sequence to the rest of the team. And the key to a good animated scene, ask yourself: can you do it without dialogue?
Nowadays the majority of artist draw on computers; so they get to see the scenes in rough form before any animation is done. The artist made a trip to Norway, in order to get a feeling of the place, decorative arts (patterned) and architecture. You get to know all the little choices made by Michael Giaimo (Art Director). To him all you see must be related; the enviroments are related to the characters, and the characters to their costumes. He favored yellow greens, ochres, and olive colors with Ana to reflect her sunny nature. Elsa, a repressed character, is like a beautiful and harmonious ice crystal. Hans is an elegant chameleon.  
Nice movie, nice book. (by pelida77)



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