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Barrier, Michael. Animated Man: A life of Walt Disney, Los Angeles, University of California Press, 2007.

PDF / 3.66 MB / 411 pp. / Eng / 0520241177 / 978-0520241176

The ultimate biography on Walt Disney (though its author doesn't apreciate this title). Usually the bio's suck: the critics easily forgets that their primary goal is not to write a literary piece but to give well based information (and just secondarily, to make it interesting); well... it could be argue of course that someone's life - even the one of a genius - isn't really that important, and the only reason why you may want to read this actually is because it could be... fun.

Barrier has interviewed almost anyone who once knew Disney (begining in 1969), probably read every book and magazine on the subject, hear Walt himself telling his story (by tape recordings
of a planned, never published autobiography), and of course watched all animation (and live action) made by the studio during Disney's life (specially interesting - at least for me - is the analisys of the silent cartoons period); So... he seems to be very well documented. He is able to "read" in the small trivial affairs of a man's life and then drop into conclusions about how it builded his genius. Also he gave his biography a novel style, that doesn't suit a serious research (but, you know, who wants to be serious?).

So if you can forget this new Dickens voice, you're sure gonna enjoy this book. Because Walts life could be real, real fun:

- His Childhood as a farmboy in Marceline; and as a city lad in Kansas City.
- His entry into animation world. The work with Ub Iwerks.
- The close (sometimes conflictive) relationship with Roy, his brother.
- Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit. Mickey Mouse and the Sound Cartoon.
- The creation of the Silly Symphonies.
- Snow White. The arrival of the Disney feature films. The art of Walt Disney.
- The strike of 1941.
- Walt Disney World.
- The eternal freezer dreams (nah...sadly, that was a myth)
- A well done portray of a man, whith his lights and shadows.

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