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Cotta Vaz, Mark. The Art of Finding Nemo. San Francisco, Chronicle Books, 2003

PDF / 14.2 MB / Eng / 160 pages / 0811839753 / 978-0811839754

The thing I hate the most about CG animation is that behind the clean images you can sense the smell of money; They just make this stupid movies in order to take money from kid's parents. But fortunately thats not true with Pixar. The american studio took the legacy of traditional animation,adapted it, and brought into the 21st century the same old stories we all enjoy and love.

This book deals mainly with the concept art of Finding Nemo (2003)
- How they made the most famous scenes in the movie.
- The influences on the style: Bambi; Sleeping Beauty
- Hundreds of beautiful pictures (discussed and explained)... thousands, mua ha ha...

Some interviews with... and Multiple quotes of...:
- John Lasseter (Nemo film producer and founder of Pixar); Ralph Eggleston (producer, concept art); Graham Walters
- Andrew Stanton (Writer and director); Lee Unkrich (2nd Director... what is a 2nd director?)
- Robin Cooper; Randy Berret; Anthony Christov (Art)
- Dan Lee (Character Designer)
- Sharon Calahan (Director of photography)

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And more... much more... but I have forgotten most of it... you know, I suffer from short-term memory loss. It runs in my family... At least I think it does... hm. Where "are" they?

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  1. when i read "behind that images you can sence the smell for money" i said WAHT??? this is not a finding nemo review... i kept reaading and rested in peace... i love your webpage!! no only the books but the fact that i can notice that you put i great efford on it and enjoy it!! thanks for all!