Saturday, February 18, 2012

ANIMATED REALISM (2011, Judith Kriger)

Judith Kriger. Animated Realism: A Behind the Scenes Look to the Animated Documentary Genre. Focal Press, 2011.

PDF / 32 MB / ENG / 210 pp / 0240814398 / 978-0240814391

I wasn't even aware of the existence of an animated documentary genre. But because of this book, I was forced to think in the beginnings of animation, in Winsor McCay's Sinking of Lusitania, and to conclude that animated documentaries have always been there. This book is not really about the doc genre history, rather about new examples of the genre (most of them from the 21st century, and about CGI productions).

Interviews with the artists: Yoni Goodman (animation in Waltz with Bashir); Bob Sabiston (creator of the Rotoshop); John Canemaker (The moon and the Son); Marie JoseƩ Saint Pierre (Femelles); Dennis Tupicoff (Chainsaw); Chris Landreth (Ryan); Paul Fierlinger (Tulip... among many others)

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