Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WALT BEFORE MICKEY (2011, Timothy S. Susanin)

Timothy S. Susanin, Walt Before Mickey: Disney's Early Years 1919-1928, Jackson, University Press of Mississippi, 2011.

PDF / 4 MB / 373 pp / 1604739606 / 978-1604739602

Another Book on Walt Disney, this one about his early years in animation business (really, that is the only period that matters in Disney's life as an animator). An insight into the mind of the genius, in the days when the world was young... (by pelida77)

Thanksgiving 1966. B 1: Kansas City. The road to the First Studios: Comercial Art, Film Ad, and "Home Experimenting". Kaycee Studios (1921-1922). The Laugh-O-gram Films (1922-1923).
B 2 Los Angeles. First steps in Hollywood. Disney Brothers Studio 1923 - 1926. Alice's Wonderland. Ub IWerks. 2719 Hyperion Avenue. Walt Disney Studio 1926 - 1928. Oswald the lucky rabbit.The creation of Mickey Mouse. Epilogue: After Mickey.

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