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CAVALLARO, Dani, The Cinema of Mamoru Oshii: Fantasy, Technology and Politics, North Carolina, McFarland, 2006.

PDF / 8.11 MB / Eng / 258 pag / 0786427647 / 978-0786427642

Otro libro sobre Oshii. El bueno de Dani analiza la obra de uno de los genios de la animación japonesa. Hay un repaso de todo lo que ha hecho Mamoru (o bien de aquellos proyectos en los que se involucró indirectamente): Ippatsu Kanta-Kun; Nil’s Misterious Journey; Urusei Yatsura: only you; Beautifull Dreamer; Dallos; Akai Megane; Patlabor Twilight Q2; Stray Dog; Ghost in the Shell y más. (by pelida77)

Today’s animation is much more than kids’ stuff. Increasingly complex subject matter has produced a corresponding increase in artistic interest, and forms once specific to certain cultures have crossed borders to enjoy international popularity. Japanese animation has been particularly successful in the United States, and among the most celebrated Japanese animation artists is director Mamoru Oshii.

This book is an analytical survey of Oshii’s cinematic works from the early years of his career through his 21st-century productions, including Beautiful Dreamer and the acclaimed Ghost in the Shell. The author examines these and other Oshii productions in relation to the Carnivalesque movement, technopolitics and the director’s post-robotic vision. Oshii’s films are particularly significant in their defiance of the premises of Western animation and their presentation of a highly personal commentary on both individual and collective identities in the 20th and 21st centuries. Special emphasis is placed on Oshii’s revolutionary film techniques, including the stylistically and thematically diverse features of productions ranging from animation to live action to Original Video Animation (OVA), a format Oshii invented. A complete filmography is included.

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